"Samantha Kalamaras really stood out to us because of all her wonderful reviews online. As soon as I spoke with her on the phone and met her in person, I knew that was the best decision we could have made."

See the latest reviews:

Samantha is very professional while being supportive to me.
She answers questions as soon as possible. Not having purchased or sold a property for 24 years, I felt like a novice and she helped me understand the situations I faced. I highly recommend her.

--Susan B
We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a potential real estate agent.
"We were impressed with Samantha Kalamaras before we even met her. Her enthusiasm for her work was apparent through her texting. When we did meet, my husband and I were very comfortable with her. She was professional, personable, knowledgeable and respectful, even asking permission if she could walk through and see our house.

Samantha explained thoroughly the selling process and what to expect throughout, as well as an important thing....she listened to us, as well! Upon choosing her to sell our house, she immediately went to work. About a week later our house was listed, showing and had a potential buyer that eventually bought our house!

We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a potential real estate agent. She is a professional with a heart for what she does, but also for her clients as well!"

--bchappelle2 (Lake Zurich)
Very highly recommended!
"I cannot thank Samantha enough. We interviewed a couple of other Realtors, and was given low ball home value estimates from the other two, no doubt to entice a quick sale with little work.

Samantha gave us expert advice on what improvements were appropriate, how to position the property in the marketplace with timing, and correct pricing, and ended up getting $110K higher than the next closest realtor's 'estimated sale price'.

If you are looking for the best of the best, look no further. Her attention to detail, hard work, lightning quick response, and continually going above and beyond made our successful sale all possible."

--Hawthorn Woods Home Seller
She is the one of the best agents in the area...
"My husband and I had to sell our lovely home within a short period time with a tight schedule. We interviewed several agents, who all have 20 plus year experience, yet she stood out to us the most. She had such confidence that we felt like we are getting the best support in the most stressful time of moving. I can't say enough good things about Samantha. She is very professional, honest and knows the business. She knows how to negotiate and be the most reliable representative for her client. Whether you are buying or selling a house, I can tell you that she is the one of the best agents in the area!"

--Vera F
5 stars for Samantha and her team!!!!
Samantha's extensive knowledge in the Hawthorn Woods community was critical to the sale. She knows everything about the Hawthorn Woods Country Club and we are confident that is the reason the house sold to the right buyer.

01/14/2022 - svicari
Sam is a fantastic Realtor!
When it came to selling my mother-in-law's home the family turned to me to find the Realtor as I myself am a Realtor in Cincinnati, OH. I took to the internet and looked at all the listings, current and sold, in the Lake Zurich area. I wanted to find an agent who obviously knew the area but also had experience. I saw Sam's name along with a few other agents and began calling. After speaking with her on the phone I knew Sam was the one. Not only did she know the area and do a lot of business in the area, but she also was very personable, she listened well, and she seemed very organized. She told how she ran her business and what she believed in and it reminded me of how I run my business so I was SOLD. She was always available and always there to help and we REALLY needed that. We needed someone who was not only going to be helping us with the sale but also someone who could be there to let the painter in, let the carpet guy in, and even climb on top of a large fish tank/bookshelf to take it apart. Sam did it all and she did it with a smile. We appreciate everything Sam did and continues to do for our family. She really is an EXCEPTIONAL Realtor!

01/11/2022 - Sarah Pfammatter
Sam was fantastic in the sale of our home.
She helped us navigate some unforeseen challenges and was able to enlist the help of experts to work on a tight timeline. Sam went above and beyond in so many ways. We would highly recommend her to anyone in the area!

01/05/2022 - benjecker
We know we picked the best...
If you are buying or selling Samantha Kalamaras is who you must work with. She is professional, so knowledgeable and knows all the ins and outs of the real estate market. She was always available, quick to respond, and calmed me when I was freaking out. She quickly sold our home, and helped us find a home that we love. We know a lot of realtors but we know we picked the best when we chose Samantha!

12/20/2021 - user6656367
I would definitely recommend her.
Overall, we had a positive experience with Samantha. She understands the market and negotiates very well. We were on the verge of pulling our home off the market and it ended up selling. I would definitely recommend her.

12/15/2021 - Lrsyogini
Thank you Samantha!
It was a pleasure to have Samantha as our realtor. She is very responsive and resourceful in helping us stage our house. I will certainly recommend her to potential sellers and buyers.

11/10/2021 - mnambiar2
We are so happy we used Samantha for our house sale.
She was extremely helpful and as we had already moved out of state, she helped us coordinate some issues that developed after we moved. Could not have done this so successfully without her. She has excellent knowledge and experience and really helped steer us through this sale.

11/05/2021 - rkzapel
Helpful and professional...
My wife's colleague introduced Samantha to us when we are looking for an agent to help us sell our house. When I met with her first time, she told me what she thought about our house - pro and con. She is a straight talk person and listen to customer's opinions as well.

When we finally got house fully empty and clean-up, she jumped in to get everything ready for putting the house in the market as soon as possible.

When the offer came in, she worked with us closely and advised us carefully during the negotiation. After we finalized the price, she even helped us to filter the list of attorneys we got and recommend a good one for us. By comparing buyer's attorney, we will say Samantha got us a very good attorney.

Over all, this is our first time to sell a house and Samantha helped us a lot to smooth things out. She is decent, helpful, and professional.

10/25/2021 - klin0102
Samantha takes the time...
Selling your home is never easy. There are so many moving parts. Samantha takes the time and puts everything in perspective. She was always respectful and responsive, but most importantly knowledgeable and honest.

10/14/2021 - Nancy Molnar
She knows this area!
My husband and I have moved many time in our 35 years of marriage. Samantha Kalamaras is by far the best agent we have every dealt with. Her knowledge of the market and how to market our home were so valuable. She knows real estate, but better yet, she knows this area! She is personable and funny. Samantha helped us find the right home quickly. and helped us through the whole process. I would highly recommend her.

10/05/2021 - user2896419
Strategic, aggressive and thoughtful...
Sam is knowledgeable, friendly, sociable, driven and determined. Just an all around wonderful person to work with. Through the ups and downs of the process she was strategic, aggressive and thoughtful. Without her, there is a good chance we wouldn't have been a successful as we were.

08/08/2021 - budfugitt
We enjoyed working with Sam so very much.
Her tremendous knowledge of the profession and the area, her sound advice, and the extreme care she took in us was incredible. She was always there to answer questions and she continues to be a resource for us. She is the perfect combo of knowledgeability and sincerity. We could not have asked for a better experience and feel very lucky to have had her on our side.

07/27/2021 - kimberleighemagee
Our home sold faster than we anticipated
Samantha was a wonderful agent, our home sold faster than we anticipated and the whole process as great, on a 1-10 scale I'd give Samantha a 15. Her team was outstanding as well, very nice and generous they got the job done.

-- L
Samantha is without a doubt the #1 agent in the area.
Samantha Kalamaras is in a class of real estate professionals that are beyond the average Realtor. Her expert knowledge of the market and its trends is exceeding. She is without a doubt the #1 agent in the area. I am a retired Broker and thought I did my research only to find out that my reliance only online services are not fully equipped to give you an accurate portrayal of the market as it applies to you and everything that makes your house a home. These services use algorithms and a computer that is void of instinct decides the value of your home.

I was convinced that my home was only worth $475,000-$525,000. I interviewed with the realtor who claimed to be #1 in the area who confirmed based on her limited knowledge of the market, that my home was worth $525k but said we could list at $550,000 for negotiation purposes. I felt comfortable knowing that I too came up with the same value and was ready to sign but I had also made an appointment with Samantha so I honored it. To my surprise Samantha insisted my home was worth $100,000 more than the previous Realtor advised. I simply could not accept my home was worth $625,000 and I was concerned about over pricing it and having to continually reduce it wasting time and money I wouldn't ever see....... so we bantered for quite a while about it.

Samantha was able to provide me with comps that proved her insistence but I was stubborn and insisted we list in the $500's. She was finally able to persuade me to list at $587,400. Low and behold my home sold a couple of days after going on the market. We had over 45 showings in 3 days and I was presented with 9 bonafide offers. My home sold for $625,000 just as Samantha precisely said it would.

Do not be misled by Realtors that will underprice your home for a quick sale to boost their sales record or by Realtors that present a cookie cutter one size fits all approach for selling your home. If you want no nonsense results from a seasoned professional you owe it to yourself and to your homes legacy to call Samantha Kalamaras and be prepared to be accurately educated on successfully listing and selling your home. Hands down she is a force to be reckoned with.

I have immense respect for her and her market insight, she expedited a smooth transaction and marketed my home at it's TRUE value which put $100,000 more dollars in our pocket. Thank you Sam we owe you a great debt of gratitude!

-- Viktoria H
They were a pleasure to work with.
Samantha was wonderful to work with. She listed our house and it sold in a day. My husband and I were a little bit worried since we had no house to move to and there was not much to choose from. We found a couple place to look at and Samantha and her associate Dina were always ready and willing to meet us and take us through the showings. During a panicky time for us they were both calm, level headed and reassuring. We totally need people like them in our corner.
I'm happy to say we found a place and we're able to close on both houses on the same day. I would highly recommend Samantha and her team.

-- Pam
Thanks Sam!!!
Samantha was extremely professional but also kind and caring. She stuck with us through the sale process and 2 purchases. In fact, she's still looking out for us! Sam is very good at what she does and we would definitely recommend her and if the need arises, we wouldn't hesitate to work with her again.

- Betsy M
An amazing job...
Sam did an amazing job handling the pressure we put on her to sell our house (during a pandemic)! She knows the school system and area well. She made sure that we weren't doing showings that were unnecessary and helped keep us patient is a very tumultuous time.

- Doug K
We highly recommend Sam Kalamaras!!
We were faced with a very difficult market in North Barrington. We had the home on the market for over a year with another realtor. We switched to Sam and she used a very creative lease agreement with a potential buyer who had a credit issue. We leased to the future buyer as well as entered into a lease for the property. We received a very good lease rate and were happy collecting rent. The lesser/buyer finally got their credit cleared up and got a mortgage and closed. The process took about 8 months, but the rent we received more then covered our expenses on the property.
Very responsive...
Samantha listed our home and completed the sale for us. She is very familiar with the area which helps with buyers not as familiar. She was very responsive and kept us in the loop throughout the process.

- Jim M
A hard worker...
We have sold, purchased, and sold again with Samantha. She is knowledgeable, friendly professional manner, and trustworthy. She has always been respectful of our home and our particular wishes. Sam is a hard worker, and always busy.

- J
It's not just all about showings, it's about selling.
This was our second time listing our house in two years. We went with Samantha on the second time because of her enthusiasm and market knowledge. We were not at all disappointed. We had more showings in two days than we did in six months with our first listing, including Samantha bringing one of her own clients through. But when you are selling, it is not just all about showings, it's about selling. And selling we did, in just two days after listing. Samantha was on top of it of it providing professional advice and input which was extremely important is helping us close the deal. By the way the deal closed in 30 days which you can imagine took everyone doing their job to meet that timetable. Many thanks to Samantha for your services. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime.

- Al and Rose
Thank you Samantha!
Samantha was amazing! She helped me thru the whole process and was always quick to answer my questions, she made the selling experience as good as it could be. She was honest and optimistic and did everything she could to get my home sold! She was a great partner in the process and helped me make the best decisions to get my house sold!

- Cherie L
Sam really understood our preferences
On our first house tour with Sam, we could already tell that she really understood our preferences. We ended up buying one of the first homes we saw, after touring several more to be sure. She was efficient and respectful of our time, offered great advice based on her experience and was a pleasure to work with. We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a home in the area.

- Pete C
Samantha was a pleasure to work with.
She helped navigate us through a difficult process of selling our home. She was very knowledgable and helpful. She was always available to answer questions.

- Kelly C
Samantha was great to work with!
She helped us sell our place quickly and stuck with us for months and months of searching for the perfect home! Samantha is knowledgeable of this area and continued to give us helpful advice throughout the whole process.

- A
She knew exactly what we wanted...
Samantha found me and my husband our dream home! She was amazing to work with, she knew exactly what we wanted in a home and found us it all and more!

- J and M (and Barkley, their English Bulldog)
Samantha's evaluation and help thoughout was super.
She knows the area and worked to help me find the right buyer. I would recommend Samantha for Saddlebrook Farms.

- R
An easy and enjoyable process...
We were extremely grateful for everything Samantha did to help us sell our home. We had previously worked with Samantha to purchase a home, and were fortunate enough to have her help us again in the selling of our home. Samantha is knowledgeable and professional. Her experience in real estate made the sale of our home an easy and enjoyable process. She's goes above and beyond for her clients, using the best marketing strategies and her market insights to reach potential buyers. Samantha is the only agent I recommend to local family and friends.

- Megan M
We interviewed five agents to sell our home.
All the agents that we interviewed were top sellers in our area. We decided on Samantha and she did not disappoint. We very quickly had two offers on our home. Throughout the process (listing through closing) she was prepared, insightful and always one step ahead. We highly recommend Samantha

-- garrenbg, Deer Park
Samantha made the entire process of my home selling very smooth and reliable
Samantha is an excellent listing realtor. She helped me to sell my 2530 sq. ft. home in Lake Zurich very efficiently with a good price within a very short period of time (only 5 weeks in extremely cold winter time of January~February 2019), exceeding expectations. She is very responsible, punctual, competent, practical, and organized. She knows the Lake Zurich and northwestern Chicago market very well, and offered valuable recommendations and professional guidance in each critical step. She helped me make correct decisions on what should be done to the house before listing and what should not be done to save costs, as well as a correct starting listing price and a properly adjusted listing price based on accurate assessment of showings. She made the entire process of my home selling very smooth and reliable, from high-quality photo shooting to marketing campaigns, sold price negotiation, and closing. I highly trust and recommend Samantha for real estate needs.

--QianfanHarryXin, Lake Zurich
We were very pleased our house sold so quickly...
Samantha sold our house within a month of listing it with her. We were on the market 9 months prior with another agent. Samantha was kind, prompt, responsive and comprehensive in the selling process. I appreciated her positive attitude throughout. She understands the complexities of a sale. We were very pleased our house sold so quickly under her guidance.

--Wauconda Seller (11/2018)
Samantha helped us find a home in a very short period of time.
It was an international move: we had to be able to look for houses for a few days and make an offer. Samantha scheduled all the visits during three days, and we made the offer. She knows the area of Lake Zurich, Hawthorn Woods, Mundelein, Libertyville and Vernon Hills very well. She is also very well known by the local realtors. Thanks for all your help!

--Lake Zurich Buyer (10/2018)
Sam was great to work with through the entire process.
She provided market guidance, listened to our concerns and supported our decisions throughout the sales process.

--Lake Zurich Seller (08/2018)
I cannot say enough great things about Sam...
We have been using Samantha for the last few years as we have been moving around a lot! She worked hard to sell our home in Ivanhoe in 2016 when it was an unusual and large property to sell. She made the process as easy as it could possibly be. She then found us a rental home in Wauconda while we decided our next steps. We decided to move forward with building our new home, and she has helped us with finding rentals in the mean time until our house is complete in the fall of this year (2018). I cannot say enough great things about Sam, her work ethic, love for her clients, and ability to match your needs with your location are amazing. She's one of a kind and a heavy hitter for the north west suburbs. If you need it done, and done right, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Samantha!

Mundelein Seller (07/2018)
Sam is by far the best realtor I have ever worked with!
She listed and sold my home on one showing in a hard to sell area. She has a high attention to detail and ensures every step in the process is executed flawlessly. She understands the market and knows how to close.

She also represented us in the buying of our new home and did an exceptional job in negotiations and ensured the close went smoothly.

--Libertyville Seller & Buyer (02/2018)
Samantha found us a house we absolutely love.
The most important thing we can say about Samantha is that she found us a house we absolutely love. In just a few showings she was able to sense what we were looking for even when we couldn't quite articulate it. She knew when she had found the perfect house for us-and she was right! Samantha's connections helped us be the first ones into the home we eventually bought. She knows the area well and was able to provide expertise we wouldn't have had otherwise. Samantha was very engaging with our young children and we genuinely enjoyed the time we spent together and now consider her a friend.

--Lake Zurich Home Buyer (02/2018)
Samatha quickly understood the type of home we were looking for...
We went through the home buying experience with Samantha from over 2,000 miles away. That distance certainly added extra complexities to the process. Samatha quickly understood the type of home we were looking for and went to work. She did video walk-throughs that helped us narrow our selection. She was also very prompt to reply to emails, texts and phone calls. She continued to go above and beyond post-sale helping us coordinate deliveries and letting people in/out of the property since we could not attend. This type of commitment AFTER the sale truly showed us her integrity and dedication.

-- Philip M (12/17)
We switched to Samantha from another realtor and could not have been happier.
She reassured us that we were priced right and jumped immediately into action. She professionally marketed our home and we received an offer in the first week. She was extremely responsive to our questions and took control of responding to buyer questions and managing the various inspections. Ultimately, she negotiated the final price and terms and conditions to our satisfaction and represented our best interests throughout the transaction. I would highly recommend Samantha to sell your home.
-- Richard B, Hawthorn Woods, 08/2017
Highly recommended!
Samantha was very prompt in answering any questions we had. Additionally, she knew the local market and worked to stage and photograph our home in an extremely marketable way.
--Seller, Lake Zurich, 08/2017
She knew exactly what we were looking for in a home.
Samantha was very patient and knowledgeable about the area. She knew exactly what we were looking for in a home. She was a pleasure to work with. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a home in Lake cook county area.
--Buyer, Hawthorn Woods, 08/2017
She had our back through the entire process.
Our selling agent referred us to Samantha. We are extremely happy she did! We had to find a home quickly and Samantha was up for the challenge. Samantha knows the Northwestern suburbs like the back of her hand. Samantha's expertise helped us to narrow down homes before we even walked through them. We were able to get our new home through Samantha's amazing negotiation skills. Our home had some potential issues and she knew exactly what to look out for and warn us about. She had our back through the entire process. We can't recommend her enough.
--Buyer, Deer Park, 07/2017
She pushed our best interests to the front...
Words turned into action with Samantha in a week after signing on with her. There was an immediate lift in home showings as well as energy toward making the sale. When a buyer was found, she pushed our best interests to the front and guided the negotiations to a final close.I mentioned her name to a neighbor that was selling his home and was pleased to learn that he had a similar success story with Samantha Kalamaras.
--Shirley, Hawthorn Woods, 06/2017
Sam Kalamaras is professional, honest and straight to the point.
Her response time is quick and accurate. She knows her territory inside and out. My husband and I would not only recommend her to our family and friends. We would use her again.
--Buyer, Hawthorn Woods, 03/2017
Working with Samantha to buy our home was a pleasure.
Samantha recently helped us buy our home in Lake Zurich. Samantha is knowledgeable, experienced, and really cares. It shows in every interaction, every email, phone call etc. Working with Samantha to buy our home was a pleasure. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone looking for a new home.
--Alex P, Lake Zurich, 02/2017
Samantha is committed to getting the job done.
Samantha is not just an experienced and hard working professional, she is committed to getting the job done and does so with passion and relentless pursuit to driving closure on the transaction. And in doing so she is always looking for your best interest, with transparency in her communication and timely response for your queries. She is persuasive, using data and her knowledge of the local real estate market to drive results. Working with her was wonderful and she made selling my house a pleasant experience. I would recommend Samantha in a heartbeat to anybody looking for a great partner in your real estate needs.
--Seller, Long Grove, 12/2016
Samantha is one of a kind...
Samantha is an exceptional realtor -- and I rarely like realtors, let alone give them an excellent review. She is one of a kind -- knowledgable, open to outside of the box thinking, positive and a just plain good person. I wouldn't be giving a review if I didn't think she was worth it.
--Seller, Lake Zurich, 11/2016
Samantha was a pleasure to work with.
She helped me set an appropriate list price, made sure the house was well staged, gave me connections for home repairs and junking. She replied promptly to my many queries and any issues that came up during negotiations on the sale. My house sold even when the same model across the street was on the market longer. Her team also helped me find a new residence in a prompt, friendly manner. I highly suggest you list with Samantha Kalamaras and have her assist with new home purchases.
--Seller, Lake Zurich, 10/2016
Samantha is truly one of the best...
We had limited time to find a home and Samantha found us the perfect fit. She is incredibly responsive to emails and texts (like within minutes!) and she is very knowledgable. Her negotiation skills are VERY impressive. I can't say enough, I would recommend her to anyone looking to buy / or sell a home in the area - she was a complete pleasure to work with and will remain a friend of our family! Thanks again Samantha - we love our new home and neighborhood!
--Buyer, Hawthorn Woods, 09/2016
Samantha and her team sold our home in less than a month!
From the first time we met her she was professional, knowledgeable, and interested in our needs and wants regarding selling our home. She was there every step of the way. Our home was staged beautifully. We have a dog and we were concerned with having to lock her up all day not knowing if we would even have a showing. Samantha and her assistant Dina made sure to be at our house before each showing and took our dog out of the house for the showings. When it came time to look for a new home Samantha and Dina were there to help us tour prospective homes. We have not found our new home yet but Samantha checks in with us regularly. Samantha is an amazing realtor, she is not the type to sign a contract and then disappear. She is still helping every step of the way. We would highly recommend her!
--Seller, Long Grove, 09/2016
Samantha helped us buy our dream home in Hawthorn Woods...
Samantha is awesome, very talented and knowledgeable! She helped us buy our dream home in Hawthorn Woods very quickly. I felt very comfortable with her. I felt like I knew her for years. She is very caring, always responsive to all our texts and patient with all our questions. I highly recommend Samantha to all our reference buyers, sellers, friends and family!
--Buyer, Lake Zurich, 08/2016
Samantha was recommended by many of our friends...
Samantha Kalamaras with @Properties was recommended by many of our Lake Zurich friends. We are so glad we decided to use her as our agent to sell our house. Samantha was able to move quickly to get our house listed and the professional photographs and quality brochures where impressive.
--Seller, Lake Zurich, 08/2016
Samantha never made us feel pressured into any decision.
I'd like to echo the responses from other reviewers. Samantha is an extremely knowledgeable, responsive, caring realtor who helped us navigate the sale of our home. Samantha never made us feel pressured into any decision. Rather she gave us all the information to make an informed decision. When considering a house that needed a lot of maintenance, she brought in a trusted contractor to help us evaluate the total costs involved. There are many realtors to choose from, but we strongly encourage you to go with Samantha. In following her advice, we received top dollar on the sale of our home and found an even better home for our family.
--Seller & Buyer, Lake Zurich, 07/2016
Four offers within first two days of listing...
Samantha was knowledgeable about the comparable properties in our area that allowed us to select a fair listing price for our the size and features of our house. This pricing then helped us to sell our house quickly. The web tools and app 'Showing Time' Samantha used provided visibility and multiple showings (approximately 30 in two days) and produced had four offers within first two days of listing. Two of these offers were at a good price (we sold our house above list price). We recommend Samantha as a real estate agent in the Northwest Chicago Suburbs.
--Seller, Lake Zurich, 07/2016
I would recommend Samantha again to anyone...
Samantha did an absolutely amazing job on the sale of our home in Lake Zurich, IL. After it was on the market for 6 months we changed to her and she sold it in two weeks! For buying a home she was able to negotiate with the sellers for our ideal price and was successful! I would recommend Samantha again to anyone looking to buy or sell a home without a doubt!
--Seller & Buyer, Lake Zurich, 06/2016
Multiple offers in the first week of listing!
Having worked with several realtors in the past, with confidence I can tell you that Samantha is the realtor you want. Every step of the way, she made the overall process easy and was extremely diligent to ensure all of the obligations of the deal were met once under contract. Her listing strategy was spot on, from the listing price, to targeting the right buyer, and ensuring the right exposure on major online real estate sites. In my case, it resulted in multiple offers in the first week of listing! Further, she ensured the right owner investments were made prior to listing the property to ensure least cost and maximum impact and return, which included a no-cost property staging assessment that proved to be invaluable. Overall, Samantha is a great business partner. She goes well beyond simply a personal investment of time within her deals. She was flexible in her approach to ensure that the appropriate deal was shaped, and she was a true advocate when it came to standing by her client's best interests, especially when complications arose. She is willing to go way above and beyond the assumed responsibilities of an agent to ensure your satisfaction and make the deal happen. When you list with Samantha, you can breathe easy that you will have a partner in your court that will share in your interests and take your property as seriously as you do.
--Seller, Buffalo Grove, 06/2016
Samantha made the process smooth and relatively painless.
We selected Samantha based on her local reputation. As a professional that resides in the area we were interested in, we were amazed at how much she knew of all of the properties that were for sale, or, were soon to be placed on the market. Samantha made the process smooth and relatively painless. If we were to do it again....it would be Samantha all the way!!
--Buyer, Hawthorn Woods, 06/2016
Samantha was fantastic to work with from start to finish!
This was our first home purchase and we had a ton of questions throughout. The seller was somewhat difficult to work with and Samantha was great at making sure our interests were protected, always. We would absolutely recommend Samantha to any buyer looking to purchase a home.
--Buyer, Lake Forest, 06/2016
We contacted Samantha based solely on her glowing Zillow reviews...
Samantha helped our family find a home during our cross-country relocation from Texas. We contacted Samantha based solely on her glowing Zillow reviews. We are so glad that we put our trust in her and those reviews, because working with her was an absolute pleasure. Samantha is extremely responsive, has in-depth knowledge of the area, and is savvy in the Lake County real estate market. She spent several days with us when we visited the area during a house hunting trip. Samantha had a plan in place and detailed information of all the houses on our list. We saw a ton of houses during that time and covered many areas within Lake County because we hadn't yet narrowed down our preferred location. She was strategic in placing the right offer on a home, and advised us every step of the way. We would gladly recommend Samantha to our friends and would use her again for our own real estate transactions.
--Buyer, Mettawa, 06/2016
Sam was awesome.
Super attentive, very knowledgeable, and ultimately results driven. She was able to sell our house in a very tough market, and at a great price! We interviewed a lot of other brokers, but we're so happy we chose Sam!
--Seller, Volo, 04/2016
Samantha offered excellent advice based on her experience, and it paid off.
As per professional recommendations, we interviewed three realtors before choosing Samantha and she stood out above the other two. She provided a perspective to our listing that we believed was accurate - that our house was different than others on the market in our area - and would sell quickly, despite it being in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. She really had a pulse for what was currently on the market and the condition it was in, and how our house compared. When negotiations became complicated with four different solid offers, she offered excellent advice based on her experience, and it paid off. We had been eager to jump on the first offer (we were already under contract for our new place), and she reassured us that we didn't necessarily need to be. @Properties was a great company to work with, and we would highly recommend them again, as well as Samantha.
--Seller, Mundelein, 04/2016
Working with Samantha was incredible!
Samantha did a fantastic job not only selling our home, but also helping purchase a new home. I would recommend Samantha to any one. Very happy with our choice in realtors! Thank you Samantha.
--Seller & Buyer, Round Lake, 04/2016
What a difference...
We moved to Sam after a short stint with another broker - and what a difference that phone call made. She pivoted and responded quickly by providing strong marketing materials, in depth knowledge of the area, and a better price assessment. I think anyone has the ability to be a realtor, but to understand market drivers, local supply/demand and ultimately how to market a home takes skill - and that is what you get with Sam!
--Seller, Hawthorn Woods, 03/2016
Best experience ever selling my home with Samantha.
I live out of state from where the house sold in, but Samantha immediately took ownership, and she was passionate in dealing with the sale process I had tenants living in the house but again Samantha handled it so smoothly and made sure we could still proceed forward.
--Seller, Hawthorn Woods, 2016
We relocated from St. Louis...
I actually chose Samantha Kalamaras based on Zillow reviews, so I think it's important to share a review as well. We relocated from St. Louis, had a limited time to find a home, and few opportunities to travel to the Chicago area before closing. We also had a relocation company to juggle. Samantha accommodated our schedules, worked very well with our relocation company, and helped us zero in on the right school district for our kids - Stevenson High. We were discouraged by our first two house hunts, so Samantha contacted other agents, clients and potential clients to find us a home off the radar. Samantha recommended a fabulous real estate lawyer, attended our inspection, helped us with additional inspections, and assisted us through crazy negotiations. Bonus: she was great with our kids! She's been in touch several times since our closing a few weeks ago, and has provided referrals for area contractors. We truly consider Samantha a friend and are very thankful that Zillow reviews led us to her.
--Buyer, Hawthorn Woods, 03/2016
I cannot believe how quickly and smoothly this whole process has gone...
Samantha an her team are incredible. Period. We contacted Sam back in July 2015 in preparation for a relocation from California in 2016. We got to know each other a bit via email and corresponded about various houses on the market, what we liked, what we didn't like, where we wanted our kids to go to school, etc. In October 2015 (three months later), we flew out, spent two days looking at properties, and signed a contract on a great house that fit ALL of our criteria. We wanted a certain school district, a certain amount of land, a finished basement, two stories (and a TON of other stuff) -- and weren't afraid to remodel to make it ours. Samantha found it for us. And not only that -- she and Vince also helped us understand what our remodel might cost, connected us with a terrific mortgage broker, plus an outstanding general contractor, flooring person and painter. It is now 30 days after closing, and we are taking a red eye tonight to choose a color for the stain on our newly-installed hardwood floors. I cannot believe how quickly and smoothly this whole process has gone -- and I give all the credit to Samantha, Vince and their crew. Couldn't be more grateful, couldn't give a higher recommendation!
--Buyer, Lake Zurich, 01/2016
Samantha was very responsive, did an excellent job...
Samantha and all of her team, including attorney, photographer, stager, buying agent, and the inspector she recommended, were fantastic. Samantha was very responsive, did an excellent job developing our listing portfolio, and was quick to find us potential homes and to get us in to see them right away and multiple times. Helped us to get more information on the home we ended up buying so that we could purchase items knowing they would fit perfectly. Had a buyer within a week of listing and for practically the listing price. Found our new home within a few weeks. Samantha had just the right amount of contact with us. The whole time, no pressure. From start to finish we were in our new home within 3 months! My husband and I highly recommend Samantha.
--Buyer & Seller, Lake Zurich, 11/2015
Samantha performed at a level that was far beyond my expectations...
We engaged Sam to represent us in connection with the sale of our house. Our house was exceptionally unique - it was an extremely large property (over 7.5 acres) with a very old home in the middle of an otherwise typical suburban development. We were planning to renovate the home but, because of a job transfer, had to cancel those plans and list the home just a couple months after purchasing it. From the outset, Sam and her husband performed at a level that was far beyond my expectations. They were very responsive, provided solid advice, were aggressive with their marketing efforts, and were a pleasure to deal with. They accepted the very challenging task of selling the house and executed the task admirably. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again if I get back to that area. A really exceptional agent!
--Seller, Long Grove, 11/2015
Her marketing plan was outstanding...
"I can't imagine any other real estate agent providing the level of service that Samantha did. I met her at our neighborhood meeting, where she was representing one of her sellers who couldn't attend. That told me right then and there that she was the right agent for me. Samantha is not pushy in any way, providing great market insight and guidance, but leaving the decisions to us. Her marketing plan was outstanding - the quality of her website listing and her printed marketing material is outstanding. Always available, and helpful throughout the process with getting things done to show the house in its best possible light, and other help that was not even her responsibility - that is Sam! Thank you, Sam!"
--Seller, 48 Deer Point Drive, Hawthorn Woods
Would highly recommend her...
We used Samantha as our realtor to buy our first home in Lake Forest and would highly recommend her. She is a great listener, very patient and most importantly we ended up with a house we love.
A great resource...
Thanks so much, Samantha; I really appreciate you touching base with me! You've been a great partner, and we definitely recommend you to our transferees as someone who's a great resource!
--Kate Wigley, Plus Relocation Services
Samantha is very easy to work with.
I really enjoyed working with Samantha. She understood what we were looking for, but did not limit our options. She gave us the opportunity to change our search criteria as we refined what it was we wanted in a property. Samantha is not at all pushy and realizes that the decision is ultimately up to her clients. She is enthusiastic and very easy to work with. I would definitely recommend Samantha to anyone in the process of searching for a new home.

The Etter Family
From another agent...
Just wanted to say thanks for making this deal go smooth. You and Kimberly did a great job. My client is extremely happy. It's nice to work with professionals who know how to get the deal done without aggravation. Thanks again for everything - I hope I have the chance to work with you again.
Thank you....You have touched our hearts.....
Vince and Samantha,

Denise and I reminisce all the time about our journey into selling our home in Buffalo Grove to owning 137 Sylvan. We wouldn't have done it if it weren't for the both of you. We will always tell the stories of our ordeal and it will be passed down to our kids etc.....some day when our grand kids ask us, how did you come to live here, Sylvan Lake...we will tell them the story....

In the meanwhile, it all started with a tour of Forest Lake in which we saw a flyer of Samantha's listing. From that day on it was as if there was a force (The Secret) that kicked in. Being totally pleased with Samantha and her hard work while balancing a family and living with you, Vince....(reminds me of Denise and I), and getting the opportunity to work with you, Vince, as well was....just the best bonus ever. You guys are a FANTASTIC team and Denise and I feel super lucky to have stumbled upon the both of you.

You guys are special and responded to every question and challenge. Vince, I will truly miss learning and working with you. Our door will always remain open to you and our hearts will always reamin eternally grateful for your efforts on our behalf.

I look forward to staying in touch and watching your kids grow up....

Your Good Friends,
Gary and Denise
She was my Rock....
Samantha was always on top of her game despite these uncertain times in the market. We had several potential buyers before we sold our house in December [of all months]. And then she came through again finding me an amazing new home!
She was my rock.

Tracy D.
Above and beyond...
Samantha went above and beyond the call of duty. She was always available at a moment's notice and I could count on here following up with any inquiry or question in a instance. I would highly recommend her in the future and will use her when we go to resell this home.

The Fugitt Family
Very Helpful!
"Samantha was very helpful and worked hard to help us find a new house. We found a great home that was perfect for our family! We are very thankful and would highly recommend her!"

Jenny H.
She doesn't stop after the sale!
Sam works hard for her clients. And she doesn't stop working for you after the sale, she is always there to help out where she can. She is a true professional and the best realtor we have ever worked with.

The Strahls
Willing to work for her Clients!
Having moved many times we have had our share of realtor relationships. The work Samantha did for us in finding a rental home was way beyond the normal scope of work for a realtor. She was able to find a great home for us in a small target area and come in on budget. The next time we need a realtor we will definately contact Samantha. She is thoughtful and insightful and very much willing to work for her clients. Thanks again, Dave and Angie Rands
The Ultimate Partner!
"Samantha Kalamaras was truly the ultimate partner in our 2010 real estate sale and purchase. She has access to great resources that separate her from the competition.
Sam was professional, thoughtful and strategic with our real Estate transaction. We will be forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with such a professional and great person as Samantha Kalamaras"

Gary and Denise G.
Always on Top of the Market!
Samantha has amazing zeal and energy, always on top of the market and knowing what inventory is available that would suit your needs. She goes above and beyond to get the job done. Thank you!

THe Andersons
We cannot thank you enough!
You were attentive to our desires from day one. It took less than a year to complete the whole process of selling and renting but you stuck with us all the way. We cannot thank you enough.

Mimi and Paul W.
To the managing broker...
Dear Mr. Skae, My wife had the good fortune of meeting your associate, Samantha Kalamaras at an open house. Our home had been on the market for many months and we were looking to purchase a new home that we could grow into. Unfortunately, our agent's only marketing strategy seemed to be reduction, reduction, reduction. We signed with Coldwell Banker because of Samantha and she was able to sell our existing home and find us a wonderful home in a matter of weeks. Samantha made us feel like her only client and her positive attitude and drive was quite refreshing. We recommend her to everyone we talk to without hesitation. We just wanted you to what an amazing asset Samantha is to Coldwell Banker and all of her clients! Not only is she terrific, but her recommendations have all been great--movers, lawyer, handyman, etc.
Frank & Eileen
Thank you!
Dear Samantha, just a short note to congratulate you on a great year in 2010 and to say thanks for your conscientious involvement in our recent real estate transaction. Your follow up and overall involvement to get the buyer and seller to understand one another's point of view and priority made the difference.
Sincerly, Barratt Custom Homes of Hawthorn Woods.
She Sets the Standard!
"Samantha's knowledge of the market, pro-active marketing, customer service and hustle CLEARLY set her apart from any other real estate agent I've used. She sets the standard for what real estate agents should do for their clients."
Brendan D.
We struggled to find the right place.....
"We really struggled to find a place to lease in the school district we were targeting. After looking at all of the homes for rent in the area, we quickly discovered that nothing quite fit what we were looking for. When we met Samantha Kalamaras, she took the time to figure out what we needed and liked and really went the extra mile to find a solution. She not only convinced several home owners to consider leasing, but she convinced them to consider leasing to our large family of 7 including 3 kids and 2 dogs. As a result we ended up leasing a great home that we never would have found otherwise. We were very fortunate to have found Samantha and will use her for all of our real estate needs in the future."

The Banks Family
An attorney
I've had many transactions with Samantha and have always found her to be hard working, thorough and very responsive.

Stephanie K. Kearney, Attorney

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